Dreaming awake with deadlines and apps that helps!

I’m full of ideas, but I’m pretty scared! Scared because once I begin to dream about what I want from life, what I would like to achieve, feels like I dream way too big. But then, I decided that I will divide the work in small pieces, in a logical sequence for me, and with deadlines, so I will have a more realistic journey to follow and achieve the results I would like to see!

Has it happened to you? Have you ever dreamed of something that seems almost impossible? What have you done in order to achieve it? Have you give it a chance to it?

If you haven’t, I invite you to try it, or if you have indeed try it, but without the results that you would like to see, what about to do it again! But this time, organize your ideas in a more logical order; write your ideas and plan. Put a deadline to every item and just follow your dream as long as you can and fight for it, don’t give up, life is not easy, but if it was, believe me, you would be bored and you wouldn’t be living the experiences you had, that just made you stronger, and learn more about yourself and more.

Need some help? Well, these are my favorite apps that help me to be organized and more productive in every way!

  • Evernote : Way too important, you can record and save here, save photos, clips from the web, annotate, keep record of your goals and achievements, and so much more! A very complete app!


  •  evernote


  • Cellphone GPS & Waze (it notifies me of accidents wherever I’m heading daily)



  • Drive (on google)


  •  Google-Drive


  • Dropbox : What a better way to just keep all my photos and ebooks saved!


  • Paypal : Simply Extremely Important!


  • Amazon Kindle Fire : I’m in love with my Kindle Fire! From reading my collections of books that continues to grows every day, to the use of my business apps

Kindle Fire HDX

  • Pinterest – I use it for ideas, especially on my secret boards!


  • Pocket – I just love this app, it saves anything I would like to read but doesn’t have the time at the moment, so you’ll read it later!

pocket app


  • Color Note app – To take quick notes, referrals, numbers, any quick note you need to save for later! Even has an alert if you need it!

Color Note app

  • One Note – Is like a notebook, very handy

One Note

  • Eventbrite – Excellent to organize your events and even sell your tickets!


  • Mint – Great program to organize your finances


  • Facebook ( in the interests area!, to organize what I really want to see daily, important pages for me )

Facebook Interests


I hope that this may help you too! I’ll be posting about finances, budget, ideas to generate income and so much more. Hope that you enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing!

Feel free to write any comments or questions!