Do not give up, be persistent!

Has it happened to you? Some days I have to fight harder to reach my goals, if I want what I’m dreaming about….When I need the push I do a thousand things just to not give up.

What do you do to stay focused?

Is easier said than done, but it can be done….

You must:

Be disciplined


Be persistent, don’t give up no matter how strong or difficult it gets


Reinvent yourself if necessary


Be positive


Do not make excuses


Read success histories


Be very clear about your vision, your mission, and your principal reason for it


Make a plan and put a deadline to it, again, be very focused


Prepare like a vision board, in a bulletin board or binder


Leave fear behind! Look for a partner who can help you in your way up!



feYou  may review your goals weekly, and if you understand that it needs some changes, just do it. Remember it’s a plan, after all, it’s not written in blood. After all, the idea is to achieve what you set out, and is a journey of growth, you learn from experiences, and know what works and what doesn’t. If you’ve given up on the road, start again today. Start making your plan, like a business plan, this time with deadlines. Detail every action you need to do in order to achieve it. You’ll see you’re going to get there this time, so don’t give up! After all, even if it’s hard to believe, everything is posible, work hard, put it unto God hands and you’ll see.









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